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Our Mission

At IV Tea Co., we are dedicated to promoting health and wellness through our high-quality tea and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to educate people on the benefits and brewing techniques of tea. We are passionate about helping our customers lead a healthier lifestyle, one cup of tea at a time. Join us on this journey and experience the delicious taste of our tea.

How Love Of Tea Blossomed In Our Hearts

Hello Dear Customers of IV Tea-

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Annie Dong, my family and I are new owners of IV Tea. I formerly managed a new shop in Battle Ground Washington called Founder's Mercantile. It's a wonderful shop with a focus on building relationships in community, which resonates with my heart! We discovered Michael's tea shop as we gathered suppliers for our shop; looking specifically for the best local businesses we could support as we built Founders.

I snuck into Michael's shop to check out his teas on a busy day in November and watched how he explained his tea blends with a true love and knowledge for his products. I was so inspired as I saw how this young man, Michael, had not only made tea hot again (pun intended) but also had made amazing, innovative tea blends.

We've started our shop in Battle Ground with gusto. Along with wonderful coffee and sandwich options, our customers keep returning for the delicious "London Fog" latte , the refreshing "Peaches of Immortality", the classic flavors of English Breakfast Tea. Clark County, even in the heat of summer months, has enjoyed the refreshing "Island Oasis". Teas are increasingly relevant as many discover they enjoy the flavors, benefits or alternatives to coffee.

When Michael informed us that he was selling the company, a sense of dread hit me. What are we going to do for tea... will the new owners keep the quality?! As I thought more about it, it hit me...I'm a also a farmer, an avid gardener, my family goes through tea as if it is our lifeblood, I love the medicinal benefits of herbs and teas and the community of sitting with a hot or cold beverage on the porch. I've also always wanted to own a business and I just happen to have the perfect venue to base my business (with the permission of Founder's Mercantile's owner, of course).

I'm endeavoring to keep the quality and service you've come to expect from Michael in IV Tea's new season. My family and I are so happy to continue the traditions of generations of tea lovers while bringing along a new generation of tea drinkers who enjoy a "spot of tea".

We'll continue shipping teas straight to your home and I hope you'll come see us in our new location in at Founder's Mercantile in Battle Ground, WA!

Sincerely- Annie Dong

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