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In an Espresso Culture, Brew your Tea Slowly

Updated: Feb 28

One thing that I love about tea is that it is not in a hurry. In a world full of people running from one place to the next, we have become an espresso culture; get the next jolt of fast energy to sustain us until we've worn ourselves out with tasks for the day. Red Bulls and 4 shot lattes may be nice for those moments but tea takes time. I've often been at the shop I work at when someone orders tea. They look at me like "Where is it?" The espresso drinks are popped out in a hurry and their order of tea is still brewing it's 3-5 minutes. I apologize and offer to walk it to their table. "Go relax while it brews, it will be ready shortly". Sometimes it is not so easy to wait for good things.

This past weekend I had the kick-off for my business at the same shop. We had a "hygge" tea party, complete with mini sandwiches, desserts, and scones. Three hours of relaxation and learning were savored by all. Students learned about the Danish art of "hygge", (pronounced "hooga") a word that we don't have in English. It could be defined in many ways, but one way to describe it could be an atmosphere of warmth, well-being, and coziness, where you feel at peace and enjoy the simple pleasures of life by being in the moment. Literally, by putting the cell phone, sitting down in a comfy place while focusing on the people around you in building relationships, sipping your tea with relish, stopping the rat race, and focusing on building a culture of joy and peace around us.

Think back on the last time you were able to completely savor the moment. You weren't distracted by the many things you had to do. Possibly, you were with the people you love or alone and able to focus on a fun project or book. Those moments come sporadically and too rarely. I propose that we all look at ways to create them more purposefully. As the holidays approach, we are tempted to spend each day shopping, worrying about finances or completing tasks. These tasks may be necessary to reach the goals of "Hygge" but evaluate whether they really do add value to your life. That special gift that you prepared for and know will bring a smile, that wonderful meal that takes hours to prepare but you know will bring the whole family together with joy; these things create special moments! In a coffee culture, brew your tea slowly and purposefully so you can savor the moments you are given.

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