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Meet our Name Sake

By: Michael Dean Hearn III (Trey)

Many have asked us about the spelling and meaning behind the name of our IV Tea Company. As the dream of opening a premier loose-leaf tea shop was in its beginning phase, an even bigger dream was also growing. On October 29, 2019 our family received the most wonderful treasure in the birth of a healthy baby boy! Our family has a long linage of the name Michael Dean Hearn. My great-grandfather’s name is Dean. My papaw is the only son in his family, and he is Michael Senior. My dad is the oldest of six siblings and he is Michael Junior. I am the older brother of Philip as well as the oldest of eight (currently) grandchildren. My name is Michael III, but all my family and close friends lovingly call me Trey. My little boy is my first child, my parents first grandchild, and my grandparent’s first great-grandchild.

Michael Dean Hearn IV

For weeks my wife and I went back and forth on what to call our son. After much deliberation, polling family friends with our top three list, and watching his tiny personality show we decided to call him Dean after my great-grandfather. And boy does it fit his cool dude personality! Dean just turned seven months old, and has showered us with love, snuggles and joy since the first moment we held him in our arms. He’s also quite the little baby model and turns on the charm anytime he’s in front of a camera. Stay tuned for lots of fun promotions featuring our youngest team member!

IV Tea Company

Anyone who has ever owned a business can relate to the countless hours that goes into naming it. You want it to be personal. You want it to be catchy. You want it to be a great reflection of your product. In the dreaming phase of our business I often thought to myself, “I want to create a space for people to learn about and appreciate quality teas. What if we had a shop that provided education, personalized customer service, fantastic products and overall enjoyment? A business made just for tea?” 4 Tea or better yet, roman numeral IV Tea. Although we pronounce our company name as ivy tea, our name sake is in honor of our son being the 4th and our desire to create a shop exclusively ‘for’ tea. As the late great Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the Rest of the Story!”

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