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Tea Cup and Saucer




Welcome to the IV Tea Company family! What started out as a personal enjoyment of a more sophisticated cup of loose-leaf tea, has now turned into a dream of sharing our love and knowledge of tea with others. There’s nothing quite like opening a freshly sealed packet of loose-leaf tea! Its beautiful aroma captivates your senses. Its delicate construction is enticing. As it steeps something magical happens when the tea leaves morph into a delectable balance of serenity. With each sip your heart and mind can experience an array of emotions. 

At IV Tea Company we look forward to serving our customers well. Periodically we will share tea vlogs, further insight into our favorite tea blends, live Q&A’s on our social media platforms, and an opportunity to get to know our owners better. Please make sure to follow us on Instagram @ivteacompany and Facebook @ IV Tea Company so you never miss a blog post or tea special we run. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey as we grow our customer family one premium spot of tea at a time!

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