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Discover the ultimate breakfast-inspired indulgence with our Berry Pancake Tea. The irresistible combination of soft texture, melted butter, and maple syrup creates a divine flavor experience. Savor the mouthwatering blend of blackberry fruit, raspberry leaves, brittle, and maple flavoring, meticulously crafted to transport you to pancake paradise. Indulge in the perfect morning treat with every sip of this heavenly infusion. Experience the unforgettable taste of pancakes in a tea like never before.


Our Berry Pancake Tea is designed to make you forget you're drinking tea as you immerse yourself in the delectable flavors. Delight in the luscious notes of blackberry fruit and the subtle hints of raspberry leaves, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of brittle and the irresistible essence of maple. This exceptional blend will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Elevate your tea-drinking ritual with the enticing flavors of our Berry Pancake Tea and indulge in a truly satisfying breakfast-inspired delight.

Berry Pancake

Price Options
One-time purchase
Never Run Out
$8.00every week until canceled
3 Months
Subscribe for one bag each month.
$8.00every month for 3 months
12 Months
Subscribe for one bag each month. Save 10%
$7.20every month for 12 months
  • 3-5 minutes/ 202-212° F/ 1 level tsp/ 6 oz serving

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