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Taste in the timeless allure of Earl Grey tea, renowned for its distinct infusion of aromatic bergamot oil. The bold flavor profile captivates with its delightful citrus notes, offering a harmonious symphony of taste. True to its Earl Grey heritage, this tea blend comprises a careful selection of premium tea strands, meticulously combined to create a truly delicious and satisfying brew. Enjoy a cup of Earl Grey in the morning, allowing its invigorating essence to awaken your senses and infuse you with the motivation needed to embrace the day ahead.


Awaken your taste buds with the captivating charm of Earl Grey tea. The signature infusion of bergamot oil lends a unique and vibrant character to this bold blend. With each sip, the citrus notes dance across your palate, leaving a refreshing and uplifting sensation. Crafted from a thoughtful selection of tea strands, this blend embodies the essence of Earl Grey tradition, delivering a cup of tea that is as delicious as it is inspiring. Start your day on a motivated note by savoring a cup of Earl Grey, and let its invigorating flavor be the catalyst for your daily pursuits.

Earl Grey

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  • 3-5 minutes/ 202-212° F/ 1 level tsp/ 6 oz serving

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