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Embark on a sensory journey reminiscent of sipping a fine white wine with our exquisite Ningxia Vineyard blend. Crafted to perfection, this white tea captures the essence of elegance and sophistication. Combining a wonderful base with delicate white grapes, fragrant rose petals, and vibrant cornflowers, it offers a premium tasting experience that will captivate your senses. Indulge in the luxurious taste of this tea, which unfolds with complexity and reveals a beautifully fluffy composition. For the perfect brew, steep it at 170 degrees, allowing the flavors to fully blossom and transport you to a vineyard of pure bliss.


Immerse yourself in the opulence of Ningxia Vineyard blend, a white tea that evokes the refined pleasure of enjoying a glass of exquisite white wine. With each sip, experience the delicate and nuanced flavors that dance gracefully on your palate. The combination of white grapes, fragrant rose petals, and vibrant cornflowers creates a tapestry of taste that is both complex and harmonious. Delight in the lush and luxurious composition of this tea, as it unveils a sensory symphony that leaves a lasting impression. Brewed at 170 degrees, this blend unlocks its full potential, inviting you to savor every sip and bask in its refined elegance. Allow yourself to be transported to a vineyard oasis of unparalleled indulgence with Ningxia Vineyard blend.

Ningxia Vineyard

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  • 3-5 minutes/ 170-185° F/ 1 level tsp/ 6 oz serving

  • White Tea, rose hip, black currents, natural grape flavoring, mallow, cornflowers.

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