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Drinking Tea May Improve Your Health

Drinking Tea May Improve Your Health

Tea is one of the most conventional drinks because of its lovely taste and its health impacts. Tea is considered vital for your health. In addition, drinking tea is a delightful way of consuming your daily intake of water. Tea contains substances connected to a lower hazard for cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. The beneficial substances regarding health in tea are polyphenols that have properties against cancer and inflammation illness.

Tea is grown in about 30 countries but is consumed all over the world, although at greatly varying levels. It is the most widely consumed beverage aside from water itself, however, overall utilization per person is less than a liter/year. With so many benefits, one would assume tea consumption to be higher, however, many people do not understand the benefits afforded from this wonderful beverage.

While a few drinks yield more health benefits, many studies point toward daily tea consumption improving your quality of life.

Being a tea lover is amazing, however, learning about tea can be daunting. Allow us to help ease this process. Hopefully by the end you will be enjoying a refreshing beverage. As you read further down, benefits have been separated by category.

Black Tea

Besides water, black tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world.

Black tea, also known as "red tea," was found in China during the seventeenth century. Numerous years earlier, just green and oolong teas were used.

Black tea is more grounded in flavor and contains more caffeine than different teas, yet less caffeine than an espresso.

Black tea offers an assortment of medical advantages since it contains cell reinforcements and components that may reduce inflammation within the body.

Here are some benefits of tea.

• Consuming them can help remove free radicals and reduce cell damage within the body. This eventually may help decline the danger of chronic illness.

• Black tea contains powerful groups of polyphenols named flavonoids, which improve your heart health.

• Drinking tea regularly may lower your risk of kidney stones, high cholesterol, cavities, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

• Drinking loose leaf tea is suitable for doing away with the impact of a high-fatty acids, increasing vitals.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are generally known as tisanes that originate from infusing various flowers, leaves, or spices in hot water. Herbal teas have been consumed for quite a long time due to its positive impacts on health.

  • Chamomile Tea (herbal) is beneficial for your skincare, nails nourishment, and hair growth.

  • Peppermint Tea is most popular as a dependable answer for upset stomach, and it is even used to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

  • Ginger Tea has a considerable rundown of medical advantages. It can help decrease swelling in your body, which is the reason for innumerable diseases including headaches, inflammation, and weight gain.

  • Herbal teas will not only consist of the above ingredients. Other common ingredients consist of berry leaves, rose, cinnamon, and other flower/plant related stems. This will create a non caffeinated drink.

Green Tea

Green tea is superior to all teas in terms of health benefits. The key components of interest are the polyphenols which are liable for the antioxidant and other health benefits of tea.

Most research pertains to depicting health benefits of tea for broad applications. These applications include different types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, disease, obesity, and many others. Green tea is also great for weight

• Green tea is found useful in exercise enhancement, inflammatory bowel disease, skin disorders, hair loss, weight loss, and bronzed diabetes.

• Green tea leaves utilize polyphenol-60 (PP-60) in decreasing metabolic risk factors, oxidative stress, and inflammation within the amelioration of cardiac apoptosis. In addition it has been used experimentally to reduce induced diabetes.

•Catechins of tea, particularly EGCG, have antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and anti-obesity. Additionally anti-inflammatory , and may modulate apoptotic processes within the liver.

Fruit Tea

Fruit tea is a mix made of dry fruit, herbs, or plants containing no caffeine.

Fruit tea, much the same as the original black or green tea, contains cancer prevention components depending on which ingredients are placed inside the tea. Fruit tea is also an extraordinary choice for preparing sweet frosted or iced teas. The endless advantages of fruit teas are as written below.

  • Higher concentration of antioxidant which take action against body inflammation.

  • Assam tea is a fruit-infused herbal tea that boosts your metabolism and keeps you alert in your routine activities.

  • Teas such as banana split provide antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium, which may support heart health, aid sleep, and prevent bloating.

  • From various perspectives Fruit tea is viewed as a somewhat ongoing custom, being particularly well known for encouraging healthy behavior with kids and the individuals who need a beverage without caffeine.


While Matcha is a green tea, the caffeine levels are higher than typical green tea. Matcha is the espresso of tea, combining twelve cups of tea into one. This creates a high level of caffeine, however, you will bypass the jitters a coffee counterpart would offer. This tea slowly excretes caffeine into your body rather than going out at once so expect a steady flow of energy.

  • High antioxidant

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Prevents Disease

  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

  • Rich in fibers, chlorophyll, and vitamins


This pandemic has been a stressful time for many people. Now that you have learned more about the benefits of tea, you may be asking yourself, how can I relax or keep myself feeling well? The answer is quite simple. Enjoy some tea! Thank you for those who made it this far.

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Andrew D Ford
Andrew D Ford
Dec 03, 2020

Absolutely!, Primarily I drink Herbal for all the health benefits you mentioned.

I always try to drink green tea when I can, as science is constantly updating it's daily benefits, Of note, is that Bruce Lee always drank a few cups daily.

In the past few years, I've gotten into Pu'erh fermented Teas as science confirms it's Anti-Cancer benefits. In years past, you couldn't get this aged dark, earthy tea outside of Tea Houses. Of note, is that it has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

As far as Matcha goes, or any tea, I'd rather get it at a tea shop as yours, rather than Starbucks where NOT unlike Yogurt probiotics, whereby adding sugar and or carbs take…


Wonderful information in assisting us in finding our perfect tea(s)! Looking forward to my order arriving!! Now to decided which one to steep first!! Merry Christmas!


Informative article! Thank you! Have a blessed holiday season!

I LOVE your teas!!!

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