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Tea Cup and Saucer


The Gift of Tea Time

I received a special gift this weekend and it got me thinking about the significance of tea time. June is a lady I met through a friend who brought me to one of her tea ministry entitled "posibili-teas". This weekend, June gave me some of her tea party china. Such a precious gift from a sweet lady who has showered love on so many through her tea parties! I asked her if she was sad about seeing some of her tea cups go to others. She said that she had already cried tears and now I could enjoy each cup as she had. So much beauty packed inside these fragile little cups. It brought back memories for me of my own tea parties: formal and informal. I look forward to carrying on her traditions and the joy she brings through them!

Why do we love tea parties? My little girls (who are not little anymore) had countless tea parties growing up. Above is one of my favorite pictures (which later turned into humorous disgruntled tea critic pictures). They loved to dress up and act "fancy". Somehow, the effect would not be the same with hot chocolate or coffee. The calming effects of tea and the fact that it is absolutely balancing to sweets and treats or sandwiches makes the perfect party. It is an ageless social event that can be loved and enjoyed by all.

Tea parties are a chance to connect with others and beauty. There is something about a tea setting that is hard to find elsewhere. It's a sensory experience and an opportunity to soak in joy. The order of beautiful place settings, the appeal of tiny finger foods and the warming aroma of teas are unforgettable. The sweet conversation of friends and family around a lovely table only add to the esthetic environment.

Tea parties are a way to celebrate and soak in the beautiful moments of life. We see so many hard days; so much ugliness and so much pain. Getting away to a beautiful setting full of laughter, smiles and beauty is refreshing to the soul. Whether in daily life or as a special occasion, tea plus time is a significant catalyst of joy. It's a gift to others and a gift to yourself. "Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back, and appreciate our surroundings. Let the world stop for a moment as we enjoy the simple, yet sublime, pleasure of a tea party." - Unknown

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