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The Rise of a New Generation of Tea Lovers and Their Customized Tea Lattes.

Updated: Mar 7

I've noticed a trend among the next generation. They know what they like and they know how to customize precisely it to their own tastes. My children, middle school through college years have introduced me to a dynamic new world of tea, showing an appreciation that extends beyond traditional teas to embrace health consciousness and individual preference.

My college-going son, an adept barista, daily crafts a London Fog using high quality loose-leaf Earl Grey from IV Tea. This blend includes robust black tea with the fragrant essence of bergamot. His technique involves a concentrated brew, achieved by infusing a minimal amount of water with ample tea leaves, followed by the addition of hot milk (steamed if he's at the shop). To make his tea latte even better, he adds vanilla extract and sugar. On occasion at the shop, he indulges in Monin's lavender and vanilla syrups for an added layer of flavor.

In light of lactose intolerance concerns among my children, a shift to the health-conscious choice of coconut milk has become a trend. My oldest daughter, in particular, gravitates towards the Orange Danish Tea Latte with coconut milk, which joins a flavorful, cardamom-spiced black tea with customizable elements like flavored syrups such as cardamom, orange or vanilla, or a drizzle of honey.

My fitness-minded middle daughter pursues lower sugar alternatives, often finding her ideal beverage with Cinnamon Chai, allowing her to enjoy the richness of flavors while maintaining control over sweetness levels.

Meanwhile, my youngest daughter explores the realm of green teas and matcha flavors, incorporating a daily ritual that includes heating milk in a frother and introducing a tea concentrate derived from brewing tea in small amounts of 160-degree water for 3-5 minutes. Her selections include Fairy Tale for its coconut and Yerba Mate infusion. Cinco De Mayo and Chocolate Rum are her bedtime favorites and make for a great before bed, caffeine-free treat.

The new generation of tea enthusiasts brings an awareness of the versatility of this age old beverage, valuing not only its historical roots but also prioritizing health considerations and personalization. From the"London Fog" to Orange Danish Tea Lattes, their varying preferences showcase a discerning taste for premium loose-leaf varieties and inventive customizations. Being aware of dietary needs, such as lactose intolerance and fitness objectives, these young tea connoisseurs gravitate towards alternatives like coconut milk, and sugar-conscious options. Through their inventive exploration of flavors and brewing techniques, they have elevated tea consumption into a satisfying ritual, making each drink truly their own. Cheers to a new generation of happy tea drinkers! 🍵✨

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