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Loose Leaf Tea Alternatives to Coffee

Drinking loose leaf tea can be a wonderful substitute for coffee. Whether you’re looking to cut out caffeine, find a new caffeine source, or just try something new, there’s a loose-leaf tea that you’re sure to love!

Many people prefer tea to coffee because it has amazing health benefits, antioxidants, and there are plenty of flavors and varieties to choose from. Some find that it’s easier to drink black tea than it is to drink black coffee, which makes tea a calorie-free alternative.

Here is a list of teas that are perfect for coffee drinkers who are interested in transitioning to loose-leaf tea. We have categorized them into caffeinated and de-caffeinated, so you can easily find the best one for you.

Caffeinated Teas

1. Indian Black Tea (Assam)

This is the best loose leaf tea alternative to coffee because it brews a cup of dark, strong, and full-bodied tea with plenty of caffeine (although about half the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee). Indian black teas are delicious when drank black, but milk and sugar can tame the bitterness and make for a more pleasant drinking experience.

2. Yerba Mate (Fairytale)

Yerba Mate has almost the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee but comes with a much lighter and more floral flavor profile. Yerba mate loose leaf tea can help increase focus, clarity, and alertness without making you jittery, as coffee often does.

3. Matcha

Matcha is a concentrated green tea powder. People who are looking to switch from coffee to tea enjoy matcha because it has a high caffeine content, which can make the transition easier. Matcha is known to be packed with antioxidants and offer a great boost of energy to the mind and body.

De-Caffeinated Teas

1. Rooibos (Pumpkin Spice)

Rooibos is an herbal tea, so it’s completely free of caffeine. Although there is no black tea in rooibos, it has a similar appearance and flavor profile to black tea. A strong cup of rooibos can help avid coffee drinkers switch to loose-leaf tea and avoid caffeine

2. Turmeric Root (Jolt)

Turmeric Root Tea has a bold flavor that sometimes comes across as toasty, smoky, and spicy. Turmeric Root tea is an excellent alternative for coffee drinkers who are looking to make the switch because of stomach issues. This loose-leaf tea is excellent for digestion and detoxification.

3. Carob (Root Beer)

Carob pods are quite sweet and have a flavor profile that is reminiscent of coffee and chocolate. Carob isn’t exactly a loose-leaf tea, because it is made of powdered carob pods. You can create your own decaffeinated tea blend using carob powder and loose-leaf herbal tea (dandelion root would be perfect) as a delicious coffee replacement.

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